Visitor Information

We do hope that your visit to the Howard Centre will be enjoyable and we offer a number of facilities and services for general use and to help those with mobility problems.

Cash Machines
These are located on the first floor adjacent to the main lifts at the south end of the centre. Additionally there is a Barclays Bank located in the centre with several internal and two external cash machines.

Customer toilets (male/female and disabled) are located on the first floor, opposite the main lifts at the south end of the centre. There is a parent and baby room located on the first floor near the customer toilets.

Lost Child
If you find a lost child, or become separated from your own child, please find a member of security or telephone the management suite on 01707 320026 where we will send a member of security to meet you.

Lost Property
If you find an item of lost property, or lose one of your possessions within the public areas of the Howard Centre we have a lost property office within Centre Management which is located on the First Floor by the entrance to the train station.

Guide Dogs / Assistance Dogs are welcome.

The Howard Centre provides free wifi to all its guests between the hours of 7:30 to 17:30 daily.