Customer Service Policy and Charter

Customer Service Policy 2023

Our aim is to provide a high standard of customer service by understanding the needs and expectations of all of our customers. We are committed to positively interact with our customers. We will train to staff to deliver quality customer service standards and we will endeavour to ensure that the Howard Shopping Centre is a safe, secure, clean and accessible environment for all visitors, at all times. Β Our Customer Charter outlines what to expect.

Customer Service Charter 2023

Our Customer Commitment

  • Is to ensure that a member of staff is always available to discuss any queries with customers and site visitors
  • Is to treat all customers and visitors with dignity and respect
  • Is to listen carefully and patiently to understand and then respond to customer needs
  • Is to deal with customer queries as soon as possible (where possible within 48 hours) or re-direct to an appropriate person who can help
  • Is to continually review feedback to further improve standards
  • Is to ensure that our services are accessible to all visitors

The Team

  • Will provide a polite, courteous and informed service from all site staff
  • Will provide a friendly and happy to help response to customers
  • Will be trained to high standards
  • Will be indefinable by name badges


  • Our team will endeavour to have a pro-active approach to communication
  • Our team will react as soon as possible to respond to customer queries
  • Our team will review tenant, mystery shopper and independent customer feedback to improve customer service standards
  • Our team will be receptive and listen to ideas that may improve customer service at the Howard Centre
  • Our team will annually review the customer charter and customer service policy
  • Our team will be accessible to interact with customers either in person or via various communication formats


  • We aim to provide quality services for everyone, irrespective of their age, race, gender, disability culture, religion, sexuality or their health and vulnerability


  • The Howard Shopping Centre will provide regular customer care training for all staff who deal with the public and stakeholders and also for the site decision makers who will review and update the customer service charter and customer service policy

The Environment

  • We will endeavour to provide a safe, clean, secure and well maintained shopping centre environment accessible to all customers
  • We will continue to recycle waste on site to improve the environment and where possible save energy

Customer & Stakeholder Support

  • We ask that centre customers and visitors treat each other, the centre facilities, property and centre car park with respect and due care
  • We ask that centre customers and visitors treat our staff with courtesy and respect
  • We ask that centre customers and visitors comply with instructions given by centre staff

The Howard Centre Management Team can be contacted on -Tel:Β  01707 320026